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This Privacy Policy establishes the principles of compilation, management and use of personal data received from Customers by SALUT Ltd. through the mediation of the internet store

§ 1. Main Provisions

1. The data administrator is SALUT Ltd located at 84 Whyteville Road, E7 9 LT London, NIP (payer’s identification number: 259489836), REGON (state registration register): 10302334. Data protection is carried out according to general requirements of legal provisions, whereas they are stored in secured servers.

2. For the interpretation of terms, the Regulation glossary is used, or as it is written down in the Privacy Policy (if this directly arises from the description).

3. In order to better understand the Privacy Policy, the term “User” was replaced by the word “You”, “Administrator” - by “We”. The term “RODO“ means the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)“.

4. Personal data provided on the questionnaire of the website at are confidential and not accessible for unauthorised persons.

5. After we get your consent to manage personal data we assume that you have read and taken note of this Regulation.

§ 2. Data Administrator

6.The Seller is a customer data administrator . This means that if you have an Account on our website, we manage the following data: full name, e-mail address, telephone number, residential address (street, house No., flat No., zip code, city, country), delivery address (street, house No., flat No., zip code, city, country), whereas in case of companies, data on the company (name, address, NIP (tax payer’s identification number), REGON (state registration number) are indicated in addition.

7. Personal data are managed:

a. according to relevant provisions regulating personal data protection,

b. according to the implemented Privacy Policy,

c. to such an extent and for such goals that are necessary to create, form the content of an Order, change or cancel it, as well as realise an electronic sales transaction correctly.

d. to such an extent and for such goals that are necessary for compliance with legitimate interests (only for legally grounded goals), whereas data management shall not infringe upon rights and liberty of the person to whom the data refer:

e. to such an extent and for such goals that conform to the consent given by You.

8. Every person to whom the data refer (if we are not their administrator) has the right to become familiar with data, correct, delete or restrict their management, including the right to disagree and file a complaint to a respective institution.

9. It is possible to contact a data manager in charge of data maintenance at the Seller’ organisation by e-mail:

10. We reserve the right to manage Your data upon expiry of the Agreement or upon withdrawal of your consent only for examining possible claims at the court or if national, Union or international provisions obligate us to keep these data.

11. The administrator is entitled to furnish the User’s data and other personal data to authorised entities according to respective legal provisions (e.g. law enforcement institutions).

12. Personal data may be removed on revocation of consent or submission of a legally grounded objection to manage personal data.

13. The administrator shall not give personal data to any other entities than those authorised according to relevant legal provisions.

14. Personal data are managed by persons authorised by us or managers with whom we closely cooperate.


§ 3. Cookies

17. Cookies are used on the shop window These are small text files sent by www server and used in the software of computer browser. When the browser connects to the website again, the shop window recognises the type of this device from which the User logs in. Parameters allow reading the information held in it only for that server that has created it. Cookies facilitate the use of shop windows visited before.

18. We monitor information on users using the Google Analytics tool that registers the User’s behaviour on the website.

19. We use the following cookies on our shop window:

a) “necessary” cookies enabling to use services covering the package of maintenance services, e.g. authentication cookies used for services that must be authenticated under the maintenance services package;

b) cookies aimed to ensure security, i.e. used to recognise abuse in the authentication field under the maintenance services package;

c) “functional” cookies enabling to “memorise” the settings selected by the User and personalisation of the Unser’s interface, e.g. chosen language or region from which the user originates, font size, website design, etc.;

d) “advertising” cookies enabling to provide to the Users an advertising content better tailored to their hobbies.

20. The User has a possibility to disable or recreate the choice of cookie options by changing the settings on the website browser. An instruction for managing cookies is published on the website at:

Additional personal data are compiled only in the places where the User has given an express consent when completing a form. We store and use the aforementioned data only for the needs necessary to perform this function.


The User may voluntarily give a separate consent to receive information booklets on products and services offered by The User may revoke hiss consent to get commercial information at any time by logging to his Account and sending a notice on the website to

All changes pertaining to the Privacy Policy will be published on this website, and a notice on important changes will be sent by e-mail to all registered users.

If you have additional questions about the protection of privacy, please contact us by e-mail: